What Does The Marketing Blueprint Include?

Buyer Personas

Using your current customer data, we’ll create profiles of your ideal prospects so you know who they are, who they are not, and who to specifically target.

Brand Messaging

We'll work together with you to clarify your brand voice and make your copy more appealing to your ideal prospects.

Sales Enablement

We'll write targeted pitches that you can use for your website, email campaigns, and other marketing materials.

SEO Strategy

We’ll create a report that reveals gaps and opportunities in your SEO strategy, and helps you publish content your customers are really searching for.

Website Plan

We’ll create a redesign guide for your website that addresses the gaps and opportunities revealed in the SEO Analysis. (includes site build price estimate)

Content Plan

We'll plan the next 90 days of your marketing – including your site redesign, lead magnets, blog posts, and email campaigns – for you to use as you wish.

1. The Process

1. Discovery

Your business is unique, but do your prospects know that? Are you able to clearly demonstrate how you provide more value than your competition? In a crowded marketplace, clear messaging is key. When you sign up for a Blueprint, we’ll start with a discovery session so we can learn about the things that make your business great.

2. Targeting

Your Growth Manager will work with you to define your ideal customers and develop messaging that speaks directly to them. We’ll map out the full journey they go through - from their first interaction to their buying decision - so you’ll have everything in place to ensure they make the right decision and choose you.

3. Analysis

For your ideal buyers to find you online, you need to show up high in their search results. The best way to do that is to create valuable content that your ideal customers and search engines will both love. Your Growth Manager will research keyword volume and competition to identify the content you need to get qualified search traffic.

4. Growth Plan

Your Growth Manager will use all the knowledge they've gathered to create your marketing plan. We will recommend changes to your website, content plans, branding guides, and a 90 day campaign plan. You will have the opportunity to hire us to manage your new marketing plan or you can take it and implement it on your own. It's all up to you.